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Complete Weed Solution
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Five Critical Steps


When dirt collects between the cracks (joints) of your interlocking stone, weeds take hold and thrive.  We power spray away the weeds & dirt the full depth of your stone before installing polymeric sand [a polymer sand that hardens concrete-like when activated with water].


Comparison - many of our competitors only remove a quarter to a half inch of mud, just enough to allow a thin lawyer of polymeric sand.  This thin polymeric sand joint will fail after only a few months its just not thick enough to withstand the elements.


We perform the following steps before applying polymeric sand:


1. "Picking Your Driveway" means we use a specialized tool kit and literally "pick" the weeds out of the crevices [stone joints] where weeds have been smashed down into the mud by the force of the power sprayer you cant just sand over these!


2. These weeds will quickly break through the polymeric sand barrier, allowing more water and mud/dirt to degrade the barrier.  You Have to Kill All Of The Weeds To Make This Process Work!!  You wouldn't expect your surgeon to remove just "some of the cancer, would you?


3. Industrial (farm)Vinegar, will kill the weeds that we miss (roots that creep underneath the stone) with an industrial strength farm vinegar.  The vinegar raises the PH level at the base of your stonework, which kills these resilient weed fragments.


4. Our Secret Spray, when applied to any green that we can see it will infect the weed, killing the Crown, the Stem, and the Root.


5. Finally, we install a full, deep joint of polymeric sand.  We use the best quality polymeric sand: Techniseal.


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