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10 Critical Steps for a Proper New Installation

1. The New Installation area is marked with landscaping paint, which will illustrate our “gentle sweeping curves” and the size and shape of your new project.  Now the homeowner can clearly visualize what the project will look like.

2. The area is excavated down about 6 inches to allow ample room for the crushed stone base.

3. The ground, or sub-base, is then compacted with a vibrating plate tamper to pack the earth hard.

4. Two inches of crushed ¾” inch stone is laid, and compacted.

5. Two more inches of crushed ¾” inch stone is laid and compacted.

6. Then a fine crushed limestone (screening) is laid.  Utilizing straight pipes, string lines, and levels, the limestone screening is then graded to slope away from the house at about 1.5 degrees.

7. The screening is given a double compaction.  Now the base is very hard and compact, looking “concrete-like.”

8. After the interlocking stone is laid and custom cut to the design specifications, we run the plate tamper over the top of the stone one last time to “set” the stone onto the compacted base.

9. Polymeric Sand: we use a high quality polymeric sand to fill in the gaps (joints) between the stones.  When activated with a mist of water the sand hardens which strengthens the stonework and prevents unsightly weed growth.

10. Edging: All stonework must be retained.  Otherwise the stone will quickly splay open and move towards the softer lawn & garden edges.  As the perimeter edge of the stone moves toward these soft areas the interior stone follows.  We use 8 foot strips of L shaped edging strips pinned in place with 1 foot spikes to keep your stonework firmly in place.

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