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A Message From Jay Durie, Owner of Halton Interlock

Don’t be crazy and spend your hard earned dollars before you know the basic issues about the interlocking stone process.

What Every Homeowner Should Know Before They
 Commit to an Interlock Stone Project

Homeowners will say: “Look Jay, I want a good price and I want a good job – I don’t want to pay twice.”  And they say: “I don’t know anything about stone work, so I don’t know if what you are telling me about quality is for real or not.  Who do I believe?  Who do I trust?”

So here’s a straight forward answer…

Four Easy steps:

1. Google the contractor’s name and company name to see what the Internet will reveal – don’t just look at the pretty pictures that every contractor will show you.  Be sure to scroll down the list of review companies like, and the Better Business Bureau.  There is one large interlock stone company in Oakville (I can not mention the name) that appears to be solid in the first page or two of the Google search, but go down to page two and three and you will see (for the above example) that the company has dozens and dozens of horrible complaints.

2. References: get the name(s), phone number(s), and address of two or three previous customers.  Then call them, drive by to see the workmanship for yourself, and verify that the reference is legitimate.

3. Be Wary of Salespeople

    Two things about salespeople:

1.   It usually means that the company is not local.  Out of town companies can not provide you with the same level of daily service: ie., answering your questions & concerns, dealing with design issues, etc..

2.   If there is a problem or you have a question you don’t want to be dealing with an answering service.  At the Quotation stage, if the owner is not interested enough to attend your location and deal with your project personally, then how much service do you think you will receive when questions or issues arise?

4. Refer to the checklists below to be sure that all of the necessary steps are followed.   Cutting corners allows a contractor to give you a lower price because they save so much on excavation & disposal charges, bedding charges, and labour charges.


Three Check Lists  (Click on steps below for details)

1.     New Design & Installation – Ten Critical Steps

2.     Sagging Interlock – Ten Critical Steps          

3.     Complete Weed Solution – Five Critical Steps

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Repairing Sagging Stonework
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Complete Weed Solutions
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Stone Patio Design Oakville
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Stone Interlocking Pavers Oakville
Bubble Rock Fountain
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